Arts Vandals

Comment on the stupidity of art vandals

5144282-3x2-940x627Canberra used to have a wonderful public art program. It was pressure from the local paper and the local bands of idiots that drove the local government to shut down the program.

Now to add insult to this we have the appearance of stupid brainless beings that feel that they have the right to ruin those pieces of art in the public arena.

Here’s an article from the Canberra Times on these crimes – click here.

Of course such idiots are not just located here in Canberra. They are out there wandering the earth being unpleasant in all corners of the world. There’s been an article or two on this. Here’s one – click here.

As a punishment, I would recommend that art vandals should have their own homes opened for one day and that artists should be allowed to enter these houses and to do what ever they like during that day.


Paul Costigan



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