Another idiot senator

James Paterson, Institute of Public Affairs senator

blue-poles-ngaJust when things were getting stupid in most sectors of Australian politics, up pops another idiot. These people vote!

This time one of the latest members of the Institute of Public Affairs who has managed to get themselves elected to the senate, James Paterson, decided to make a complete fool of himself. He did this by making the announcement that the National Gallery of Australia should sell Blue Poles.

Yet again one of these senators has ignored who they are suppose to represent. This idea of selling of cultural assets is one of the top 75 priorities of the infamous Institute of Public Affairs (IPA).

Such a concept has nothing to do with the electorate – the people of Australia who make a bee-line for Blue Poles on their visits to the NGA in Canberra.

There are now several of these IPA members in the government who need to be reminded that they no longer represent the IPA and are no longer advocates for this list of 75 issues. They need to be reminded that they are there to represent the views of their state.

But I suppose when you are stupid enough to be a member of the IPA and to believe the IPA’s agenda, then making such a statement about Blue Poles should be expected. These people vote?

It is also worth noting who some of the IPA’s members are – and who supports them – click here.

Paul Costigan

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