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The Sustainable Settlements Institute is an independent body that promotes the links between research and those advocating for resilient, engaging and healthy settlements.

The Sustainable Settlements Institute provides an online blog for linking to reports, notices, research and online posts on topics relating to achieving and maintaining sustainable settlements.

The Sustainable Settlements Institute provides regular commentary, opinions and news as well the occasional papers and presentations.

The blog is to be updated as regularly as time allows. Ideally this would be daily during weekdays but it may also be on a more irregular basis depending on other interests, of which there are too many.

This blog was first loaded up in January 2014.


About Paul Costigan

Paul-Costigan-225x300I share with a growing number the passion for taking action on climate change within our urban environments and how this should start in our backyards.

I am an independent writer and commentator on all things visual arts, photography, music, urban design, development and planning, and a host of related climate change issues.

On this blog we specialise in sustainable settlement issues and advocacy. My other blog, A Word or Two, is for all sorts of personal topics.

I like the use of the term ‘Urbanity’ as it sums up the interest in aesthetics, arts, and advocacy for resilient, engaging and healthy urban spaces.

(photograph by Gael Newton)

About my employment and related background is:

  • 13 years as the CEO for the Australia Institute of Landscape Architects;
  • National Director for Museums Australia;
  • An independent cultural consultant;
  • Executive Officer for an Arts and Recreation Industry Advisory Body (involved lots of education and training matters, including accreditation);
  • Artistic Director of Megalo Access Arts (Screenprint and access arts)
  • Too much time in arts advocacy and part-time writer on the visual arts;
  • Somewhere back there I was a school teacher;
  • I pretended for two years to be a national serviceman in the army.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts);  specialising in photography and some print making

Currently doing a range of activities. Always open to consultancies on urban, community and the arts related matters and initiatives; and writing lots on anything and everything.

The other high interests are travel, visiting urban sites, roaming cities, enjoying visual arts (particularly photography) exhibitions and visiting galleries.

When time allows, I read all sorts of things (non fiction), watch programs on DVD, and I love growing lots of vegetables and herbs which then leads back to the pleasures of cooking and eating great food.

I also maintain several online sites, including The-Southern-Cross/ A Word or Two (a personal blog) and my photographic research site, photo-web.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Paul,
    I share your passion and enthusiasm for action on Climate Change.

    I also agree that our urban environment or the “Urban Forest” needs our whole communities attention as it includes our own back yards.

    I work hard to promote better understanding in regard to tree health awareness and to raise the bar in respect to industry knowledge of soil health and compost quality, by posting information on my TPA Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tree-Preservation-Australia/681010505242936 and delivering educational workshops to green industry organisations.

    I would be happy to discuss what I do in with you further if you like.

    Kind regards,

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