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The Newsroom – viewed on DVD

I admit to being one of those people who loved West Wing, written by Aaron Sorkin. It was not just the story lines that had me hooked, nor just the political perspectives that underpinned the show, but it was the dialogue.

Aaron has delivered another TV show with dialogue that races and intrigues.

The show apparently had mixed reviews in the US, some of course being negative as that is what Fox Channels and such must do with anything that questions the far right neo-con view of the world. And this show does that and questions the role of the current media empires.

Mixed reviews – here’s one   – the same reviewer return and lightens up a bit here.

Meanwhile over on IMDb – it gets 8.5 which is pretty good.

One stand out episode for me was ‘Bullies’.  As the episode illustrates, it is not nice to be defined by a bully who seeks to exploit something about your beliefs or actions just because they are different to theirs. Some of the Australian news journalist should be made to watch this episode to encourage them not to bully their subjects and not to use ‘gotcha’ techniques. And I can think of a few people out there who should also watch the show. But sadly bullies do not recognise what they are doing.

The concept of going after facts and not worrying about always having to ‘balance’ is theme explored in this season. This is something the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) fails on. It is so screwed by the need to supply balance to everything, that facts are no longer being reported and the so called balance is being supplied often by fringe dwellers whose opinions and comments are totally biased.

The program is a great watch. It has its ups and downs. I love good dialogue even when the events are incidental. Good stuff

Recommended: Rating 8/10

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