The current exhibition at ANCA in Dickson presents two photographic artists whose works have direct links back to the 1970s American colour photography represented by a host of artists including William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Helen Levitt and Joel Meyerowitz.

The two artists in the ANCA exhibition are Cathy Laudenbach and Adam Mann.

The theme of this joint exhibition is ‘Longing’ — quoting the few words available online: Working individually the artists explore the idea of longing as desire to seek, know and reveal more. Laudenbach’s work centres on known historical places in the Canberra area while Mann is the flaneur travelling then waiting to reveal the usually unnoticed.


That theme was a bit of a stretch. Longing? Nope, I did not get it!

Adam Mann’s work is a collection of random subjects while Cathy Laudenbach has a focus on secluded spaces. Both display a good use of the craft of photography. However as I know the original American style very well, I have to say they have not advanced much on this particular way of seeing the world around us.

I happen to like this style of photography a lot, and while I found this exhibition of interest, I came way ‘longing’ for something better..

That’s my view, and I hope that others will make their way over to Dickson to make up their own minds. And there’s loads of good coffee in the nearby Dickson shops.


One final note. Part of my research for such exhibitions often depends on the gallery’s online material. In this case, the gallery has not helped in the marketing of the artists. There is very little to inform anyone about the artists and the website functionality is confusing. (Not good) For me it is easy, as ANCA is on one of my regular walks. But for anyone who has to travel across town, the website information would be barrier to the making that commitment to visit. (definitely not good)


LONGING: Exhibition at ANCA by Catherine Laudenbach and Adam Mann, is open till 21 June 2015, Wednesday – Sunday: 12 – 5pm

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