The Jet Pack

Announcement: Bad News for Dreamers

Will we ever see the Jet Pack?

19_30_jet-pack-thunderball-1965-sean-connery1I read an article in The Guardian that set out in great detail the sad news for those of us who have been brought up with the promise that one day we would be able to fly using a Jet Pack. I think the original promise was in the same category as the promise that one day, with all the new technologies, we would have the paperless office.

tumblr_m9q46zDAj61r2djy3o1_1280Seems we have all been fooled again. The possibility of there being Jet Packs for us is not really any closer. This is sad news for those of us with flights of fancy!

Here’s the article from The Guardian – click here – and weep! surely this news must be a hoax – it just cannot be true.

Or is this in the same category as the promise of fast train along the east coast of Australia that would allow me to get to Sydney within an hour or two! Were  these all just a bag of false promises.


Paul Costigan


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