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Nicholas Le Floch

Review TV on DVD

Nicholas Le Floch, Volume One, Episodes 1-6

Nicolas-le-Floch2I took to this series very quickly. It has all the usual police drama and intrigue. The difference to many other current lead character detectives is that the main character, Commissaire de Police, is charming, does not have chip on his shoulder about something back in his life, is not suffering any mysterious illness and he loves life and enjoys it to the fullest.

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The Returned

Review: TV on DVD
The Returned, season one


It was while in conversation with some locals in Paris, that a French colleague of ours said that she did not like French movies because ‘nothing ever happened’. We laughed because it was something the whole world knew. In fact this is what some people like about French cinema. But despite this, we would not have expected a French person to admit to this fact. Les Revenants is not one of those films. Well not quite!

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Inspector Nardone

Review: TV on DVD
Inspector Nardone

Nardone-DVDThis twelve episode mini series is set in Milan, Italy, after World War II. There’s the tensions of the society getting back together after the invasion and the local divisions, being communists, partisans and the fascists.

The character of Inspector Nardone, is based on the real life police officer of the times who was a legend in the 1950s and 1960s.

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The Politician’s Wife

Review: TV Series on DVD
The Politician’s Wife. (1995)

Politicians-WifeJuliet Stevenson has been a face I have noticed and her acting has always been a little intriguing. It was while I was enjoying The Village that I observed her again in a key supporting role.

It was time for bit of research. I liked what I was finding. Juliet Stevenson is indeed an interesting actor, and has been an activist for social justice issues.

One line of inquiry led me to a three-part TV series, The Politician’s Wife. Originally made in 1995, it has recently been published on DVD.

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Julia Gillard


Anne Summers Conversation presents Julia Gillard on DVD

Anne Summers has announced the release of the two conversations with Julia Gillard.

For more information, click on the image to the left (or here) to be taken to Anne’s website.

Anne’s “the Looking Glass” has other useful links and information so please support her work by at least having a look – click here.


Review: Treme on DVD

There is a series in my local paper about how the new Chief Planner has a wonderful vision for her role with the city of Canberra. The interviewer is a local architect. The piece reads as a conversation between two people who have no idea how patronising their comments are towards residents. It reminded me of one of the themes that David Simon‘s had structured into his TV series TREME.


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Review: TV

Whitechapel as shown on TV

whitechapelI actually watch very little live television these days. Most of the programs I watch are bought on DVD. I am yet to do much downloading as I was waiting for the NBN* to arrive (foolish me).

Whitechapel is one of the few exceptions. I have watched this program from the start. We are now in Season Four. The main actors are in interesting bunch and I happen to like good crime and detective stories. Maybe I have been watching too many crime programs of late. In this case I suggest the writers have screwed the plot and this one has descended into farce.

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Detective De Luca

Review: TV (DVD)

Detective De Luca DVD (Four Episodes)

de lucaThe bi-line more or less describes the issues here: He’s not Fascist; He’s not Partisan; He’s just a Cop. I am not sure that the original author had this intention. The series is based on the real life of a policeman who worked for the fascist government, who arrested communists and partisans, then made it through the war to continue as a policemen who was not investigated for his previous activities but continued as a policeman who went on to arrest fascists.

Very Italian and very much in the genre of contemporary crime fiction and now translated to a short TV series.

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Major Crimes

Review: TV Program

Major Crimes – season One

complete-1st-season-dvd-cover-96 Having totally enjoyed the original, The Closer, I wondered how such a program could cope with the loss of the main character given her complexities and her dominance of the whole seven series.

The introduction of the character of Captain Raydor into the later series of The Closer was a great stirring of the pot, especially as the team had settled well into their roles.

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Fog and Crime

Review: DVD

Inspector Soneri: Fog and Crime

FogCrimeI sat and watched the first of these and was amazed just how much fog and rain there was to be seen. My view of Italy changed.

This is a great series. Nice to wander about the shores of the River Po and to be in the historic city of Ferrara. Inspector Soneri is the usual distinctive detective type with relationship problems and his own individual ways of doing things.

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The Newsroom Season One

Review: TV Program 2013

The Newsroom – viewed on DVD

I admit to being one of those people who loved West Wing, written by Aaron Sorkin. It was not just the story lines that had me hooked, nor just the political perspectives that underpinned the show, but it was the dialogue.

Aaron has delivered another TV show with dialogue that races and intrigues.

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The Village season one

Review: TV Program 2013

The Village viewed on DVD

The Village 2013I commenced watching this program with some doubts thinking here we go again with more north country grime, bleakness and seriousness. Actually the first episode was more or less that. But somehow having Maxine Peake as a main character begged me to stick with it.

And I was very glad I did. This one built slowly but once the characters develop and the plot expands in complexities, it demands watching in rapid succession – late nights resulted.

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