Scary Things

YouTube videos that entertain and terrify

tell-taleThe first is a short video I saw at an exhibition at the British Library, Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination. The information panel explained that when this short film was originally released, it was banned by the censors. Too terrifying? or what? As I had trouble hearing it in the exhibition, I watched it later online.

I have to say it is now a prime example of the folly of censorship.

Have a look.


The next came to my attention because of the anniversary of The Shining. Apparently the twins in this film have now become celebrities. Oh well – good on them. Here’s part of one of the many terrifying scenes


and finally something truly terrifying.

This short animation from The Guardian demonstrates the complete waste of resources the meeting of the G20 is. The terrifying thing is that a huge amount of time and money is being devoted to this meeting.

Have they not heard of conference calls? Meanwhile the really terrifying thing is all these resources could have been put to many very urgent useful purposes.


what a terrifying group of people!


Paul Costigan



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