Public Forum: Urban Renewal


Notice of a public forum

There’s a notice in circulation for a public forum at the Albert Hall to be addressed by David Dawes who is the chief of the LDA/Directorate – the one that oversees the sale of land, the development of new suburbs and the redevelopments that appear within the established suburbs.

As far as I know the chief has not spoken very much publicly before – and I would imagine that many people will be keen to hear his vision as expressed in the tile for the talk – Urban Renewal – A partnership with the community.

There are links below that request that you register if you wish to attend.

I would urge you to register as soon as possible – as people are doing so and receiving tickets to attend. So I suspect that once all the tickets have been issued – the Full House sign will go up and everyone else will miss out.

On Feb 16 2016, 6:30pm at Albert Hall, Mr Dawes will address a public forum titled “Urban Renewal – A partnership with the community“, organised by the Friends of the Albert Hall Inc.

Entrance is free, but bookings are encouraged – click here.

More event details available in the flyer available here.

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