Post-Soviet Architecture

Review: Book
The Butt-Ugly Allure of Post-Soviet Architecture

The photographs of architecture of the Post-Soviet era.

There’s a review in WIRED online of a book. To quote: Frank Herfort moved to Moscow with no intention to make a book. Like all photographers, the German-born artist always keeps one eye open for potential subjects, but making a book of architectural photos was never the plan. “While scouting the new city for myself, I began to notice these amazing buildings.”

While I was very amused by the buildings being photographed, I could not help but consider that this level of treatment could be applied to many contemporary buildings in many other cities. It is all in the eye of the photographer. (There’s another photo-essay waiting to happen)

Click here for the article on WIRED.

May I also recommend that you do a google image search using the term: imperial pomp.  It brings up loads of images.


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Paul Costigan, 4 March 2014

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