Neil Young in a box

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Neil Young recording Needle of Death

Neil likes to do things just the way he wants to. Having followed his music now for many decades, I am not surprised by this latest little piece. Neil in a box!

┬áNeil Young performs “Needle of Death,” off his upcoming album, ‘A Letter Home,’ reproduced by Jack White and Neil, out May 27th.

Will we see Neil Young and Cray Horse cram into a phone booth to put down a track?
And, please do not try this at home.

Paul Costigan, 25th April 2014

1 thought on “Neil Young in a box

  1. Very nice clip. I have to admit that I haven’t connected as well with neil as he has aged. I read the book that he wrote a year or two ago, and went along with it. On the clip you posted I heard a young neil voice in the back of some of those lines. We all think we are four and twenty years for ever though time passes slowly to quote rob Zimmerman. However, there may be a few lines or part of phrases that could make it to ‘the Neil Young Project’. As he sang all those years ago ” we used to sit on the steps at school, and dream of being stars”. Rust never sleeps!

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