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Caitlin Canty sings Neil Young’s Unknown Legend

a2116425332_2I noticed a rave review online for a singer I had not noticed before, Caitlin Canty. After some further research and listening to the online samples, I  dutifully downloaded her music to hear the whole album.

All was going OK, but I was not that enthusiastic on the first listen. No worry, this often happens. I was about to put aside for the night – when I came upon the second last track.

Hmm! I know that song from somewhere.

That’s a Neil Young song!

The song is Unknown Legend from 1992  Harvest Moon, Neil’s 12th Album. I played in several times, and while I was yet to be over impressed by the rest, this treatment of this song was wonderful.

Here’s a live version of Caitlin Canty doing Neil’s Unknown Legend.

Very nice! I wonder what neil thinks as I know he often enjoys other musician’s versions of his songs.

here’s the album version:

But wait there’s more…

Why not have a listen to the original? Here’s Neil live with Unknown Legend.


all good fun!

and if you are interested in Caitlin Canty – then try this link – click here. There could be a review of this album later depending on what a later listen delivers.


Paul Costigan

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