Review: Mammon on DVD (2014)


This one of series ticks all the boxes for having all the right elements for yet another Nordic Noir TV series. Trouble is that it just does not work.

There are many things to like but these are countered by too many things that are not so likeable.

The acting is good and the actors deserve praise for this despite the slightly screwed up plot lines.  If you must, the program can still be enjoyed as long as you just turn of your logic ever now and then.

The program shows us yet again just how corrupt some people in business and in government can be and to what extent they will go to cover this up. However along the way there were a few things that just did not make sense.


So not quite in the bag of good ones that have made their way out of northern Europe in recent years.

Here’s a couple of other online pieces – but be aware they contain spoilers. First on from the Guardian – click here. and another that links back to the former – click here.


Paul Costigan

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