Looking for arts policy

will we ever have an arts minister?

While Australia is a great country – it has been a long time since we have experienced a government that was actually committed to its culture.

There has even be occasions lately when parties have gone to the elections without any cultural or arts policies – or at best with bland meaningless statements.

Much the same could be said about policies to address those important matters as the provisions and maintenance of green space and parks.

Locally Canberra is ruled by a government that fits the mould of current governments across Australia as has been the case for a decades.

This government believes that by throwing a few dollars with maximum spin that it can placate the local arts community as well as the general public.

Any talk of taking initiatives on green spaces is a foreign language.

This proves that governments only do what they can get away with – and so we go on….

I do not expect any real cultural policies or green infrastructure policies from any government in Australia any time soon.

Doom and gloom maybe – but.

Then along comes a ray of hope from the UK. There’s an article by George Monbiot in The Guardian where he mentions among other thoughtful things that the Labor has policies that deal with such issues. Click here.

We can but hope! Will we ever see a real Arts Minister here in Australia?

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