Eating out in Canberra

Canberra Urbanity: Eating Out

A list of places to have meals, coffee and snacks

There is also a list of breakfast places – click here

This is a random listing – based on visits at different times and on the experience we had. If circumstances are peculiar, then we will indicate this.  The ratings are based on the sort of food each serves compared to my own expectations; and I like good coffee. So watch this space as the list grows!


Civic area

Tosolini’s, Corner London Circuit, West Row, Civic: 7/10 (breakfast)

Gus’s Cafe, Civic: afternoon snack 1/10; dinner 7/10. coffee not hot – poor Gus would cry!

Parliamentary Triangle

Pork Barrel, Near Old Parliament House: 8/10 (lunch and breakfast)

Inner North

Dickson: Pho Phu Quoc: 8/10 (many meals) – service varies.

Wilbur’s Cafe and Bar at Hackett: 7/10 (breakfast)

Campbell: HULLO Cafe: 5/10 (breakfast)

Tilley’s, Lyneham: 7/10 (many meals – background music can be too loud)

Leong Kitchen: 8/10 (many meals) – can be noisy.

Inner South

Deakin: Double Shot: 7/10 (music too loud) (several meals)

Kingston: The European: 9/10 (Breakfast)

Kingston (Green Square): Bitter Sweet: 8/10 (several meals)

Kingston (Green Square): Caffe Lella: 4/10 (Lunch)




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