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higher education changes a ‘fraud on the electorate

P1020814The Australian Vice Chancellors had done a deal with the Abbott prior to the last election. They were assisted in this by many professional/industry bodies.

They had taken a stance against the previous labor Government and were working with the Coalition to undermine the former education policies. The CEOs were looking to deregulate and to charge students more while maintaining, if not increasing, their levels of government support.

The CEOs of our universities could see the chance  to become the business corporations they wished to be. There were riches at the end of that rainbow for the CEOs.  As for the students, they were to be the subject of market forces. This was to be the new government’s agenda.

Sadly the Abbott broke all his promises and has stuffed up the whole policy agenda on higher education (as well as school education).

At last one of the CEOs has broken ranks and has spoken out against what is happening. click here.


Paul Costigan

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