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George-Monbiot-LGeorge Monbiot and the UK Brexit from the EU

I cannot say that I understand what the UK lobby for the exit from the EU is all about. Nor can I say which option is the better. Sadly George Monbiot has clarified this with his usual precise summation of a dreadful situation.

Democracies around the world are in a dreadful state thanks to the ever growing power and corruption of Big Money and the compliant politicians that have control of our electoral systems.

George sums up the depressing UK choice in this article – click here.

The relevance of the underpinning causes to the UK – EU problem are here in Australia. Our own system has been infected with the equivalent levels of greed, Big Money and lack of ethics as has the EU and the UK governments.

And we have elections coming up – and how do you choose with so much corruption present in the system?

There’s one thing fpr sure – I would like to see a minority Labor government again – and for there to be a host of independents – as outlined in this article – click here.

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