Equity and Corporate Boards


One would think that by now people would make sure there is equity with the appointment of people to corporate boards, panels, committees etc.

Is really that hard?

My not so favourite example in Australia is the South Bank Corporation in Brisbane. It continues to defy logic that it continues on its merry way with a board and executive of all men, and loads of suits at that in that climate!



but there’s more! A special site has been created to list all those who still persist to have boards and panels with no females. Click here. (thanks Neil for alerting me to this)


Any male who is approached about being on any committee, panel or board should check out the other membership to ensure that equity principles have been applied in making the appointments. If you accept an appointment to any board that has obvious inequities, just remember that by accepting to be on that board (panel or whatever) you are then part of the problem – you will share the responsibility for the inequities.

There’s more on this – click here


Paul Costigan

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