Credlin & Co

Credlin-CoCredlin & Co.

How the Abbott Government Destroyed Itself

Aaron Patrick – Black Inc Books 2016

This book is a totally recommended read. I got through it over one weekend, so it could suit those on a long haul flight – as once you start you will not put it down easily.

I am interested in politics and watched all this happen over the last couple of years – the whole episode was stunning.

The author tells many of the tales you have probably heard before but stitches them all together – with a few you would not have heard. This book presents the basis for a mini series of strange situations and a lack of political judgement and absence plain common sense – and outright nastiness.

The author, Aaron Patrick, I suspect is sympathetic to the Liberal Party, was ‘not impressed’ with the Rudd/Gillard years – and was therefore totally amazed at the opportunity that was thrown away by Credlin & Co (being Credlin, Abbott, Hockey and the cabinet).

As for Credlin –  I have known people like her – they are strange beasts that operate in their own reality – not connected at all to the known universe that most of us inhabit. I have known professionals and academics who see no harm in plotting against others with no eye to the damage it may do to individuals as well as the professional working world in which they exist. This type of person is stunning for their lack of empathy – as in Team Australia – you are either with us or against us!

There are so many stories in this book and some still make you wonder. For instance – the author tells the story – straight-faced – how the foreign minister jokes about another male politician’s habit of grabbing her on the bum. Is she serious?

I also noted that a few were missing such as the famous interview when Abbott froze.

Here’s the blurb from the publisher (it is spot on):

Credlin was Abbott’s enforcer, his disciplinarian, his counsellor, his brain, his mother. Her strength as a chief of staff was a sign of his weakness as a prime minister: she gave him the option of disengaging. Credlin allowed Abbott to be who he wanted to be: the good bloke, the philosopher, the weekend fire-fighter, the surfer, the orator, the man of action. If Abbott was a natural leader, it could have worked. But he lacked the most important attribute of all: judgement.

Tony Abbott and his chief of staff, Peta Credlin, ran a brilliant campaign in opposition. But their approach led to disaster in government.

When Abbott became prime minister, he and Credlin ruthlessly controlled ministers, backbenchers, the public service and the media. They shut out voices that questioned Abbott’s way. Everything started to unravel.

Credlin & Co. is the story of a relationship that determined the fate of a government. It shows in stunning detail the disastrous consequences of power abused, and the broken people left in its wake.


Recommended 10/10


but let’s not forget a couple of others






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