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Optimism for 2015 climate change actions

rabbott01Australians have had to endure a load of stupidity thanks to current Australian national government. The worst insult to intelligence has been the constant dumb statements on climate change by their spokesperson, Tony Rabbott.

Given their agenda on climate change had been set by Big Coal, Murdoch and a host of other business corporations, the government has continued down the path of being climate deniers. The spin to justify their lack of action has been a complete failure with the Australian population continuing to seek real solutions. The latest evidence of this being a recent survey on renewable energy.

As reported in The Guardian: Solar and wind energy enjoy strong support from the Australian public, with 80% of people putting them both among their top three energy choices in a poll for the Australia Institute. click here


2015 should be an interesting year for the Catholic and Christian dominated Australian Government. It has been reported that the Pope is to issue a statement on Climate Change in 2015 and that he is looking for the coming Paris Conference to come up some real solutions. click here

Before anyone wonders what has climate change to do with the Pope – just remember that he is the head of state for a country – The Vatican. As such he, along with all the world leaders has a right to have a say on this topic.

As the head of his church, he obviously can see that issues to do with the health of the planet are linked to equity and the well-being of all peoples, especially those in the developing countries.

It is a very positive omen that a world leader, in this case a religious leader, is showing leadership and is encouraging everyone to get involved in the solutions on the climate change issues confronting all peoples.

With so many layers of governments around the world, along with most professions and industry groups, failing in the leadership required on this crucial topic, suddenly there is some optimism for 2015. And this coming from a 21st Century religious leader – who could have predicted this?

Happy New Year


Paul Costigan

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