Canberra and climate change

The city of Canberra and climate change

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There are times here in the City of Canberra when one despairs at the actions of the planning authority in its spin about how it goes about the planning, design and redevelopment of Canberra’s suburbs. In short: It is shocking!

The authority uses all sorts of green wash in its spin. The planners within the authority still favour the so called market forces to translate their lose planning requirements to deliver what the local developers consider as adequate for residents. This means an extremely artificial nod to the urgent climate change adaptation issues that are impacting on our urban environments. Say no more.

So it was a welcome note to see a headline today (5th February) whereby a positive message about initiatives underway by other sections of the ACT Government. The headline read: National capital energized about climate change.

rabbott01I agree with the Minister when he says that people are looking for leadership. We have collectively given up on any sense coming from our Rabbott Commonwealth government. They are too busy destroying the place and encouraging short business thinking leaders to be their decision makers.

There is no doubt that change is going to come from local government style initiatives. Sydney City Council and a few others New South Wales are putting in place some ambitious sounding plans to deal with climate change. Melbourne City and a few others in Victoria are also making positive noises, although I remain very skeptical about the real drivers within Melbourne City Council. Too much green wash and not much sign of any integrated action.

Meanwhile let’s rejoice that the Canberra government seems committed despite the best efforts of the Rabbott Federal stupidity.

Here’s the beginning of the article about the City of Canberra and Climate Change:

Extended heatwaves have emerged yet again to subject large swathes of south-eastern Australia to relentless extreme heat and very low rainfall. The country is parched, crops, trees and communities wilting under the baking conditions and electricity demand pushing power networks to the brink. In Canberra, emergency services have activated extreme heat event plans, and fire services have been placed on high alert.

I have no doubt this is a foretaste of what a warming climate means for our city and our region. While it is true one single weather event cannot be linked to climate change, a pattern of increases in average and maximum temperatures is consistent with the climate change forecasts.

read the full article – click here

These words from the Minister of course then have to be implemented through the ACT Planning Authority. Best of luck with that!


Paul Costigan, 5th February 2014

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