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A growing list of places to have breakfast

We intend to visit  suburban cafes during 2014 for weekend breakfast/ brunch; we live inner north, so it will be those within easy range. We intend here to visit  suburban cafes for weekend breakfast/ brunch; we live inner north, so it will be those within easy range. Here’s the latest. There’s more online – see link below this review.

Wilbur’s Cafe and Bar at Hackett

Arrived about 11.15 on a wet Saturday. There were not too many people in the cafe and plenty of options for seating outside, in the main bar or in the main dining room. The atmosphere was cordial and modern. Nothing too special but upmarket for a suburban cafe. This place is a cafe and bar so the decor may look different at night-time. There was music at an annoying level in the main bar area but none in the inside dining area (good).

The acoustic are basic , so it was very easy to hear about someone’s girlfriends problems from two table away (bad). The person speaking had one of those voices that carried. And it did. Luckily they departed after ten minutes or so of our arrival (good).

On a good day, the main dining area is open to the outside through cafe folding windows. We opened them to allow for fresh air. (good)

The menu is good for breakfast. Nothing super special but all the basics are all there (good).

The fresh orange juice is fresh and tasty (good). Coffee was good, but not special but far better than many others (good).

Poached eggs, tomato, spinach and mushrooms (minus the hollandaise sauce) was as good as it gets (good). The other was a Mediterranean omelet, which was very tasty. Service was attentive and friendly. (good)

The rating reflects that all was good; nothing special about the menu, but if you require an easy breakfast , with ample choices, and somewhere easy to get to and to meet – then yes, this is recommended.

Rating 7/10 (will return)


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