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Borgen season three

The final series of Borgen arrived in the mail on Christmas Eve. I agree with another reviewer, the title for this series should have been: “Can you achieve Power and Remain Yourself?” or “Perhaps we should stand up for each other more often“.

Unlike many other program makers, the producers and writers knew when to bring this series to a close. This is the last. There is no more.

So many other programs have continued beyond their use by date, and have become sad extensions of what started out as a good program to sit back and enjoy. Homeland would be a case in point, although I think I started to lose interest even during the first season.

Not so with Borgen series three. It delivers and finishes and we all leave the stage with many lives to continue after the camera has been turned off. I am not going to spoil it.

The only hint is that is starts a couple of years after we left them in season two. People have changed and their lives moved on. The ongoing story lines continue as in the previous two with an emphasis on life in politics, their families but with more emphasis on the goings-on with the staff and management in the media. There are very contemporary issues worked through on the role of the media and how the new management reacts to ratings etc. All great viewing.

Finally, without giving anything away – I really enjoyed how the writer gave Birgitte a Faustian choice to make.

As before, my rating remains 10/10

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PS: A Faustian choice refers to Faust, a magician & alchemist in German legend who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for power & knowledge. The choice is Faust had to make was giving up something priceless for power.



Paul Costigan, 1 January 2014






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