Big Food

Big Food and Sugar

From the Guardian – and article titled:

Big Food is in wilful denial about the harm sugar does to our children

Somewhere on the back seat, a child asks: are we there yet? Is the world safe for me?

The adults present respond: Not Yet. Must be just around the corner.

It is so difficult for any concerned person today to be optimistic about the world we are to hand on to the next generations. What with Big Coal, Big Tobacco, Big Petrol and just so many others using every means possible to increase their profits at the expense of the planet, the environment and of course the people.

It is encouraging that individuals are continuing to gather the evidence and preparing the case for change based on facts. We can only hope that at some time soon the great democracy experiment will deliver politicians who actually based their policies and decisions on facts and deliver real capitalism in tandem with a social contract. We live in hope.

Meanwhile check out this article from the UK on Big Sugar – click here.

and a piece on The Conversation about sugar: How ‘hidden’ sugars are pushing up your daily dose – click here



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