AGNSW-P1120105Any time you are in Sydney, you should always find the time for a wander through the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW).

There is always a good exhibition programĀ  – click here. To be honest, no matter what special exhibitions are on, the rest of the gallery ‘s exhibition spaces are always worth a visit. It is strongly recommended that you take your time and sit within each space you visit for several minutes to engage with the collections – although there are never enough seats in the right places.

To allow you not to get fatigued too quickly, I suggest that you also take the time to observe the behaviour of other visitors. This can be very entertaining. Here are a few images from my most recent visit.


There will often be the tourist who needs to take a photograph of their spouse – and they will stand in front of you to get that important shot.

or then there is the whole group who will show up and take over your view.



in the one below – the two guys to the right were on some sort of mission. I do not think they actually looked at any works of art but were concentrating on taking notes or finding out something about labels – they were dashing about stopping at each label, taking notes and then moving onto the next label.






I have said it before, there’s always the equivalent of several special exhibitions on display in our major public galleries and it is free. The AGNSW has an amazing set of collections just sitting out there to be enjoyed.








I intend to follow-up with short reviews of two exhibitions on during this visit. More soon.


Paul Costigan

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