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Suzanne Vega

Review: Music

Suzanne Vega: Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles. 2014

If you are one of the many who enjoyed Suzanne Vega’s words and music, then I can almost guarantee that you will love this new album. This new album is Suzanne Vega at her best.

Her humour is there as is her wonderful grasp of story telling and wisdom of dealing with some of the big life issues – although she has layered some of this with a little folklore approach.

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Ian Moss

Review: Music

Ian Moss: two acoustic albums: Six Strings and Let’s Get Together

moss-letsgetLooking back into my collection and listening to music that has been neglected over the last decade, I have focused on the music of Ian Moss and two acoustic albums. Six Strings (2005) &  Let’s Get Together (2007)

There’s a lot of other music by Ian Moss and his music was a key to the success of Cold Chisel. The other musician that I have followed post Cold Chisel is Don Walker; more about him some other time.

All good Australian music!

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America the Beautiful

The truth is out there

Follow Up to previous post on this subject – Click here

Last week I wrote about the Superbowl advertising and how the Coca Cola advertisement had caused a backlash from the right-wing nut jobs. This of course was good advertising for Coke.

Click here for my original post.

The nut jobs launched themselves online to go on about how English is the language for America. Well that’s what they say. The same groups are anti everything else; gay marriage, equal right, migration – the lists goes on.

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Peter Green Splinter Group

Review: Music
Peter Green Splinter Group: Robert Jonson Songbook


Digging back into my collection and listening to music that has been neglected over the last decade, this time the  focus is on the music of Peter Green Splinter Group.

The history of Peter Green as a musician is best described as mixed.  You are talking about one the best British blues guitarists with connections to John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, and much more.

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Joe Henry

Review: Music

Joe Henry – Civilians (2007)

This is an exercise of revisiting some music that was bought at the time (being 2007) but only in recent days have I had the time to give it a serious listen, or two.

Joe Henry has been making music for a long time and is also well established as a producer of other musician’s albums.

His music changed in slightly about 10 years ago; as a singer songwriter he settled into a comfortable mix of styles. It remains hard to define.

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Pete Seeger

Notice: Pete Seeger 2019 – 2014

Of course I go back to the days of Peter, Paul and Mary and their concerts. In fact somewhere deep in the cupboard, there’s a vinyl album or two of Peter, Paul and Mary. Maybe a little worn out but just playable.

I had not followed Peter Seeger’s career that closely, until I watched the movie in 2008 , Pete Seeger: The Power of Song (2007). I then noticed that he was still out there and  I observed that he appeared on the news occasionally taking a stand with others. He was still taking risks.

Watching that movie made me think again about being true to your beliefs. And that  occasionally we have to take a stand on issues and sometimes there are consequences.

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Neil Young and honour the treaties

Neil Young:
Canada’s Conservative government exploit Alberta tar sands

from the Guardian: 14 January 2014

Neil Young has entered into a war of words with Canada’s Conservative government, accusing officials of “killing” First Nations through their exploitation of the Alberta tar sands. The Toronto-born singer has exchanged verbal volleys with the office of prime minister Stephen Harper, who replied that “even … rock stars” rely on oil.

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Natalie Merchant

Review: The Music of Natalie Merchant

Neil Young sings a song with the line: singing a song won’t change the world! I do not necessarily agree as sometimes the song will add public and high-profile voice to issues. But that could be what he meant.

The issues that people need to take a stand on are endless. People do need to speak up and not be silenced for fear of speaking out. I have witnessed so many people in this category of being silent when it would have been timely, and maybe risky, to express a point of view publicly or in support of others. Continue reading Natalie Merchant

The Vinyl Record

Opinion: Music
The new interest in vinyl Records

indexIn case you are wondering, this album cover was deemed very un-Beatle and was withdrawn.

The album covers were things that many of us used to enjoy a lot. The covers were something we would read, admire the graphics and then prop them up so that we could look at them while the vinyl was being played. It was a visual experience.

Mind you there were many crap album covers that made you wonder, What were they thinking? Then there were those tapes in those plastic cassette cases in the eighties. The rectangular boxes just did not measure up aesthetically.

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Neil Young

Re-Posted -from Rolling Stone

An Update: Review of concert in NY

Neil Young Stuns With a Spellbinding Carnegie Hall Show of a marathon set featuring a wealth of Seventies classics 

Early last year (2013) I was blown away (literally) by the very loud concert by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. At the concert, and apparently some others around the world, many in the audience expressed some desire for Neil to play more of his older materials. And Neil Young just loves people from the audience who tell him what he should do!

Some I noticed departed half way through the concert. They had obviously not been listening to his later materials and had ignored the sign that said Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The Crazy Horse ingredient always means loud rock and grunge music.

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Roasanne Cash

Review: Music

Rosanne Cash, The List 2009

Rosanne Cash is about release a new album in mid January 2014.The album is titled The River and the Thread.

This news sent me back to play some of her other work, including two favourites, Black Cadillac (2006) and the more recent The List (2009). (she has not released an album since then)

In Rosanne’s on words: “When I was 18, I was on the road with my dad (Johnny Cash). One day, we were sitting in the tour bus, talking about songs, and he mentioned a song, and I said, “I don’t know that one.” He mentioned another one, and I said, “I don’t know that one, either.” Then he started to get alarmed, so he spent the rest of the day making a list on a legal pad, and at the top he put “100 Essential Country Songs.”

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Neil Young

Review: Music

Neil Young: CD  At The Cellar Door

Here’s another live set from Neil Young’s archive. There’s been a few of late and as before the critical response has been fairly positive. This one is a selection of live recording of Neil by himself over several nights in late 1970. At first I was not so sure but I have warmed to it with a few adjustments. Having heard so many of the songs in different versions, when I am listening to this stripped down early version, I suspect that my listening is layered with memories of the other versions.

Warning: I have been a fan of Neil’s music from early 1971.

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Nick Cave

 Review: Music

Nick Cave Live from KCRW

Just when I thought I had all my own Christmas purchases sorted, along comes another.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have announced the release of the new album – ‘Live from KCRW’.

The live album features a stripped-down line-up performing classic Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds material alongside four songs from their recent album ‘Push The Sky Away’.

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Caro Emerald

Music Review: Caro Emerald

Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor, 2011

The Shocking Miss Emerald, 2013

Do you want to dance around the house? Want to dance away the night? Want to lift your spirits? Want to sing along and swing to some great music?

Then let me introduce you to Carlo Emerald and two CDs that you should consider adding to your music library.

If it was possible for me to wear out a CD, or the digital version of same, then Caro’s 2011 Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor is one of these. Whenever I playing this CD, it spins on the player for days – or more.

This music will cheer you up! and make you dance.

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Music: Patty Griffin

Review: Music

Music of Patty Griffin

Over the last decade I have dipped in and out of the music of Patty Griffin. Americana and some country music and several in between are some of the many lines of my music interest. In this case I do like the concept of Americana meets Led Zepplin!

Yes Robert is Patty’s partner. Here’s a couple from her current album, American Kid. Robert appears on several of the songs.

and there’s more..

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Lou Reed

Music Music Music

Lou Reed has left us. Too many lyrics and tunes in my head to make much of a comment. We need voices to question our society. Not so sure that the next generations of singers are so committed.

We will have to play a few of his albums this week.

Thoughts go to Laurie Anderson. Another strong voice on so many things.

Here’s a link.


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