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God Save The Queen

WARNING: If you a strict monarchist, please do not read any further. You are advised to please leave this page as quickly as possible.

Neil Young is always his own person. He works for himself and is not easily ‘told’ what and where to do. He is well-known to stop playing, or talking on stage, to put a member of the audience in their place. Good stuff.

At the beginning of his recent tour of Australia, Neil and Crazy Horse commenced their full-on and very loud performance by assembling on stage and standing to attention for the Australian National Anthem. Maybe he had some perverse thought that the Australian audiences would stand up and come to attention the way other countries’ audiences do when their national anthem is played.

Nope! Not here in Australia. The audience mumbled amongst themselves with thoughts along the lines of WTF!  But no-one stood up. Neil had a broad grin on his face. Still not sure what that was all about.

His choice of including God Save The Queen on the album was indeed a bit of a shock when I first heard it. Still makes me smile every time I hear Neil’s version of this British anthem.

Here’s a BBC review on the topic: click here

and so  – why not stand up now, and get ready for the song – here goes…


The official Neil Young video of God Save The Queen:


and just in case you think that Neil had for some strange reason picked on the English national anthem, you are probably right.

The whole album, Americana, was about re-visiting some older folk songs.

Here’s Clementine:


Neil takes his work very seriously. Here’s a video of his preparation for the Americana album.

The video is quite long. It has a special performance or two from Neil and co as well as snippets of the songs from the album.

Here it is – have fun



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