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Giving Up Everything

From the new AlbumNatalie Merchant (2014)


I am still listening to Natalia Merchant’s new album (released May 2014). While doing so, I have come by this video release of one of the tracks – Giving Up Everything.



and here’s her lyrics:

Giving up everything
My hungry ghost of hopefulness
Giving up everything
Not haunted by wanting this

Giving up everything
The fortune I was saving
Giving up everything
I mercy-killed my craving

Giving up everything
I’ve opened up my eyes for this
Giving up everything
See the whole magnificent emptiness

Give what I want for how it is
The stone inside, and the bitterness
For sweetness at the core of it

Giving up everything
The master plan, the scheming
Giving up everything
My cursed search for meaning

Giving up everything
The compass and the map I was reading
The hinterlands I’m leaving
I’m finally leaving behind

Giving up everything
The big to-do, the hullabaloo
Talk of hope for some twisted truth
For the everlasting ache of it

No longer sleep, not chained to it
No gate, no guard, no keeper
No guru, master, teacher
See the soul, see the faces
Dissolve to black, no traces


Paul Costigan, 22 May 204

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