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Sustainable Sites Initiative (USA)

Sustainable Communities South Australia Inc.

 CSIRO Climate-Adaptation-Flagship

The Climate News Network

The Nature of Cities

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Play Australia


City Biodiversity Index (or Singapore Index)



Seven Principles for Future Just Lawmaking

From the World Future Council: Future Justice means putting the values that are essential to our survival at the heart of every law, and every policy. To help with this, we have developed seven policy principles for future just lawmaking. They are clearly represented in a leaflet that you can download as PDF here.


Towards Regenerative Cities

The planning of new cities as well as the retrofitting of existing ones needs to undergo a profound paradigm shift. The urban metabolism must be transformed from its current operation as an inefficient and wasteful linear input-output system into a resource-efficient and regenerative, circular system. This report is about operationalising and implementing the concept of regenerative cities, first outlined in the World Future Council’s 2010 report ‘Regenerative Cities’.

Download here


Politics, Media & related stuff

The Looking Glass, Anne Summers

Tracking Abbott’s Wreckage – blog by Sally McManus

Pearls and Irritations. The blog of John Menadue (The Pearl is the Irritation of the Oyster)

Independent Australia

The ABC has gone to hell, documenting the descent

The Failed Estate: rejuvenating journalism in a jaded age

Aleks Krotoski – useful contributions to the ongoing debates over the internet.


Arts and culture

Art Blat – an Art blog by Dr Marcus Bunyan

Garden of the East – Indonesian Photography (exhibition opens 21 February 2014)

Picture Paradise – Asia-Pacific Photography

photo-web – our site on Australian photography

Black Books website

Monash Gallery of Art (Australian Photography)


Other good Blogs

Damon Young – darkly wise, rudely great

David Simon | The Audacity of Despair

 Action on Salt (UK)


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