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The Hydrogen Car Cometh: Toyota and a Hydrogen-Powered Car in 2014

OK, I am one of many that firmly believe that the car is probably here to stay. Unless we are going back to horses and coaches. Too much methane?

The question has to be how to get the big car people to move away from the present easy choice of doing not much and staying with petrol cars.

Then again maybe they will deliver soon that much overdue Jet Pack. Sadly no Jet Pack just yet!

The big issue for our cars is that carbon thing called petrol. Our cities could do many things to adapt for climate change, but the key is to become carbon neutral.The streets are at present clogged with these carbon emitters.

We have been promised cars that run on water, that run on lots of smelly stuff, and lots more. There was also hydrogen power.

Hullo, along comes Toyota with the notice of a Hydrogen powered car for next year. Hopefully this is not about green wash and they will actually deliver something, namely a hydrogen car, in 2015 to get this change over actually happening.

Here’s the full article.


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