A few comments about the Art of Coffee

It was with great amusement that I read a recent story about how Starbucks has not been successful in Australia.

Anyone who understood the love of coffee here in Australia would not be surprised by this and would probably celebrate by heading for a cafe for a peaceful flat white coffee. Click here for that story.

I would like to add one more request from coffee drinkers.

Stop buying your coffee in those take away plastic/paper mug things that then force you to suck out the coffee through a hole in the lid. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed by sitting down and taking your time, reading a paper, talking to others, or just sitting and watching the passing parades. It is not meant to be sucked as if it was from a bay’s bottle while walking or worse still, while driving.

Having a coffee is meant to be a time for pleasure and for relaxing. Please desist from purchasing coffee in such a vulgar manner. Take your time to sit and enjoy, alone or in the company of others in a real cafe.

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