A photo-essay on the suburb of Braddon

This is an on-going photo-essay on Braddon in Canberra. The suburb is complex.

There used to be many used car sales yards – now there is just one!









mort-2015-02-05-12.10.13There is the main commercial precinct, that was originally for light industrial, mostly auto sales and services, along with other printers, hardware and a scattering of cafes and offices. The precinct is changing to be an urban centre for entertainment, cafes, restaurants and residential apartments.

More to be written about Braddon – to follow soon

torrens-2015-02-05-11.17.56New apartments to replace a reasonably new office building!


roasters-2015-02-05-02.35.46Popular cafe – but rubbish footpaths


mort-2015-02-05-11.58.20Patchy footpaths


mort-2015-02-05-11.57.52New high rise on Mort and Northbourne


lonsdale-2015-02-05-11.48.51Crap footpaths – one lone auto shop remains


lonsdale-2015-02-05-02.35.18Streetscape awaiting make-over




lonsdale-2015-02-05-02.31.26very mixed streetscape


needle-2015-02-05-03.38.40Needle and damage done!


bakery-2015-02-05-12.12.20Popular bakery closed because most customers now cannot park and customers now concentrate on Lonsdale rather than Mort Street.




haig-2015-02-05-02.27.16Haig Park – peaceful most of the time – but can be threatening after hours

street-parking-P1100223New apartments in Braddon – streets now full of cars.


pink-P1100222Fun in pink!


oldHouse-P1100217Old style duplex housing


newhouse-P1100218new style housing


newApartments-P1100216new style apartments


house-P1100230Renovated housing in quiet street


house-P1100228Renovated housing in quiet street


house-P1100227Old style house renovated in original style


cracking-up-P1100226rendered apartment block – with massive amounts of cracked render


apartments-P1100220new apartment – minimal aesthetics


apartments-P1100219new apartment – no aesthetics

apartments-2015-02-05-11.16.46new apartments – attractive


apartment-P1100224new apartments – attractive – but crap landscape/garden





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