The Year My Politics Broke

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The Year My Politics Broke, Jonathan Green 2013

Jonathan Green hits the nail on the head so many times. This is a reality read and one that could leave you completely devastated given the current levels of political debate and the sparsity of good journalism is very much a worry.

Politics in the country is definitely off the rails. The whole Murdoch and Rudd and Rabbott thing has been damaging to any notion of fairness left in the world we live and work.

It seems that within Australia anyone can say they are being open and transparent, that they have plans for the future, are having a governance review, and that they have inherited questionable budgets.

The reality is that they lie, are bullies, and pursue their own interests at the cost of anyone else.

I was not aware of Stephen Colbert’s introduction of the word ‘truthiness‘ back in 2005. It is a good word to sum up a lot of what we hear today.

For instance the stuff that the dinosaur John Howard came out with the other day on climate change. It really beggars belief that these people are allowed to vote themselves let alone that others vote for them.

Meanwhile here’s a review by Katharine Murphy in the Guardian.  I suspect she is more optimistic.

The optimistic note I have is  that the need for change will be obvious once the country travels through this coming dark period of ultra conservatism whereby ‘truthiness‘ is the order of the day, where citizens who require assistance are ignored, where the richer will get richer, and climate change is not addressed.

Climate change it is about to really start to bite so maybe all those who have Murdoch and the ABC publishing their fuzzy arguments and skepticism will suffer the fate they deserve.

Also do not forget that the Murdoch UK trials are just getting under way and the present government is now tied to Murdoch quite openly.

So maybe if the Labor opposition can come back with honest and relevant policy priorities, and that given that the lies of the present government should come home to roost, then just maybe we could see this Rabbott and his cohorts out on their ears next time around.

Recommended: Rating 8/10

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