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Solar Prime Minister?

Political Comment

The Prime Minister and Solar and how good behaviour starts in your own backyard.


It well established that how people behave in their own back yards normally reflects their attitude to the world outside their household. Our Prime Minister is having his house, The Lodge, refurbished. This was well overdue.

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UK versus Australia Solar

UK will install 3 times more solar than Australia in 2014

_72762812_solar1Given that Australia is being presently governed by a load of Rabbotts, Bogans and Rodents, it comes as no surprise that during this year that the UK will install 3 times more solar than Australia.

It has to believe that the United Kingdom with its cloudy, wet and drizzly weather is already forecast to become the largest market for solar PV in Europe in 2014.

So all that sunshine goes to waste while Rabbott and co continue to subsidize and prop up their Big Coal corporate friends.

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Solar Power

Re-Posted from The Conversation

How will your energy get greener? Depends where you live, Peter Newman and Peter Newton

In Australia’s middle and outer suburbs, rooftop solar power technology provides a clear way to reduce the emissions from the energy our houses use. But higher density housing types (apartments and medium density housing) do not lend themselves to rooftop solar power at the scale needed to make a difference to household energy and carbon budgets. So how will those people living in inner suburbs make the change to lower-carbon energy? We believe the urban fabric will shape the transition to low carbon futures in both transport fuel and renewable energy (see Figure 1 below). The approach we suggest makes a distinction between relatively easy technological changes and more difficult structural changes. Read the article here

New York City’s Biggest Solar Project

Re-Posted from Renewable Energy World.com

US’ Biggest Landfill To Become New York City’s Biggest Solar Project

New York City will convert roughly 47 acres of land at the Freshkills Park on Staten Island into a 10-MW solar installation. This is five times bigger than any other system in the city and boosting the city’s renewable energy by 50 percent.  SunEdison, which won the public bidding process, will lease the land to design, build, and operate the facility, with construction reportedly beginning in late 2015 and online within a year.  read article here