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The Escape Artist

Review: TV drama on DVD

The Escape Artist with David Tennant

Up front I have to declare a couple of points. This program is definitely scary in parts and definitely may not suit everyone. The program, like too many others, is yet again about a psychopath male who murders and mutilates women. Having said that as a warning, the big positive is the high calibre actors.

It’s opening scenes are of caged birds with threatening music building up. This straight away reminded me of Hitchock’s The Birds. These are small finches in cages, but the cinematography made us feel threatened by something present.

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 Review: TV Program 2013

Broadchurch – viewed on DVD

A fascinating program on several levels.

Take a small fairly isolated English 21st Century town and explore the characters, their interactions, and their secrets, or more accurately those things not talked about especially to outsiders. And then throw in a newly arrived police detective with a cloud about his past, and then throw in one of the worst crimes. A child is murdered.

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