Protocols and copyright

copyright notice, protocols and relevant notices

Copyright of materials remains with the original authors. So if you wish to use some of our  original material, copyright and clearance will most likely be granted for all non-profit and research undertakings.

Please make contact to obtain any necessary permissions and clearances. we consider it polite to share and therefore ask that we be notified of any use of any materials from this site. we reserve the right to remove material and amend any information as and when we wish – so be aware that links could change and /or information on any page could alter or even whole pages be disappeared.

The images are available for purchase at a very reasonable prices as digital images, particularly for research and associated publication purposes. So make contact and ask whether they are available and at what price and please explain the use planned for the image(s) to be purchase. Commercial prices apply for commercial uses – open to negotiations.

We reserve the right not to respond and not to sell.

Also note that we have full lives, so responses may be erratic!


These protocols apply to this Blog,  or any of our forums. To contribute, please provide the required details when you log in to post a comment.

This online environment is to allow for participation on an equal footing and without fear of harassment or exposure to offensive materials.

The decision to upload or remove any contributions remains completely with us, the Administrators. Users are asked to be aware of the Australian Laws covering comments in the public domain.

The moderators will undertake moderation to ensure discussion does not include anything that could be deemed to contain offensive or discriminatory language. Moderators will not upload random comments or that which does not remain ‘on topic’.

Comments may be removed, edited or not uploaded.

As basic protocols please consider the following

  • Protect your personal privacy by not including personal information such as any email addresses, private addresses or phone numbers.
  • Upload comments that are relevant to the particular forum.
  • Do not impersonate or falsely represent any other person.
  • Do not harass other online users.
  • Do not make defamatory or libelous comments.
  • Be polite and professional at all times. Be friendly!
  • Be prepared to disagree and to have others disagree with you.
  • Do not infringe the rights of others, such as their intellectual property rights.
  • Be succinct.
  • Do not include any confidential information.

These moderating protocols are evolving and are subject to change from time to time.