Banana Travels

The art of banana travel

A photo-essay dedicated to Niall Simpson who knows how to choose a gift that is ever so appropriate and now very cherished.

Here’s a tale – that will be added to as the travels continue…


The travelling banana would often show up in times past as a guest at parties.


our banana was a fruit of taste – being a collector surrounded by artistic objects


our banana enjoys travel  to places such as Sydney – and to imagine being able to float down the harbour.


on such occasion our banana knows that you must always chose to dress appropriately and avoid too much sun.


being a well travelled banana means that there are times when you must return to the national library to refresh.


it is here that all good bananas browse the shelves looking for the clues to life’s questions.


being a banana of ancient stock means that one does not always understand the latest technologies.


and as the banana travels the world, there can be dangers that one must avoid encountering.

and to be always careful to not to mix with not so fresh foods

watch this space… more to come soon