Floriade Canberra 2020

Flowers in the suburbs

It is all happening again in Kingston and, as with other locations throughout Canberra, Floriade Reimagined saw locals planting more than 8000 bulbs and annuals in May.

They are now busting out of the ground with fabulous displays.

It is definitely time to visit Kingston for coffee, to shop and to walk around to admire the flower beds. The shopping centre is looking great.


In May, I reported on how the Kingston and Barton Residents Group had partnered with local businesses to get their share of the bulbs in the ground.

Last weekend things were busy around the shops – with more to happen this weekend. The community and businesses have joined forces again to celebrate spring.

Deborah, from Capital Chemist, on Green Square, spoke of the work done to bring in the earth for the plants, the fun people had planting the bulbs, the task to get water to the
gardens and now the celebrations that have brought the businesses and the residents together.

She said the local businesses were enthusiastic about Kingston’s Floriade Reimagined and were having fun.

And there’s more: graffiti was cleared off the wall in Highgate Lane and had a small mural
done; Canberra Treasure Hunt is running a special local event on Saturday; Igers Canberra will host a dedicated Instagram meeting; launch of Best Spring Outfit instagram competition; East Hotel and the Diplomat Hotel have dedicated cocktails; other food places have some specials on offer specials; there’s free yoga and dance classes; Lakespeare and Brodburger have a special event planned for the Nightfest Nightfeast.

People I spoke to were keen to send a special thanks to the local businesses for their enthusiasm and contributions and to the team of volunteer organisers from the Kingston Barton Group.

Is this to be the way of Floriade in future years with residents and businesses coming together to have fun and for everyone to wander around the flower displays in shopping centres?



This article is a version of the piece originally published online with City News

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