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Lumio Lamp I saw this online and thought of a friend who has been looking for a light to take outside to have dinner in their courtyard. We have looked at various solar light thingys. None quite worked out. and now in early 2014, maybe this is. Not yet available but there is the you tube promotion below. and here’s their website. and here’s their online video version click here although I have to say that it does not replace the humble torch for wandering around the house in the dark. But for outside meals and for looking good – In a word: Brilliant!!! Re-posted from WIRED: Lumio looks like a simple hardcover book. When opened, the “pages” glow to create mobile mood lighting that can travel with you around the house or outside. The accordion-like LED lamp glows for up to eight hours on a single charge via micro USB. It also comes equipped with built-in magnets so you can attach your Lumio to any metal surface. The best part? It’s sure to draw great reactions from everyone who opens it for the first time. Order the $160 lamp on their website now and it will ship in February. By the way, no money was received for this free plug. But if anyone wants to send me one of these lamps to test, I’ll be in on it! Be very happy to run some tests.


Paul Costigan, 10 January 2014  

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