Being Turnbulled

shakey-P1050447-150x150Australia is being Turnbulled – again

Australia has had its shared of ‘being turnbulled’ this week. Most of the press as portrayed the Prime Minister’s announcements in a positive light. Whereas the truth is that he has continued to make a mess of things.

Here are three articles this week that point to how this guy is pretending to know what he is doing.

This is the best one – where he has used a slogan – not once but many times – as to how he is running the country. The writers of the comedy ‘Veep’ just could not believe that anyone would use their made-up slogan that was designed to be meaningless. Click here

Then there was the case of Turnbull doing his best to be Tony Abbott. Turnbull had the audacity to make a comment about the horrible goings-on in Belgium – he linked the plight of refugees to the work of terrorists – that somehow terrorists are arriving because of the flood of refugees. Ignoring the fact that no-one knows the full story yet on the bombings – and it is most likely that these terrorists were born in Belgium. The Belgians are not impressed with the totally inappropriate remarks from Australia’s Prime Minister – in that they know that the terrorists want this link to be made –  Click here.

And finally – there was yet another pretend announcement about an initiative. More another case of the shell game and how we now make these ‘innovative’ announcements about what we are pretending to do. Click here.

and then there is Turnbull’s propaganda about the unions and his desire to distract from everything important by setting up yet another commission to chase the so called union corruption – but what about his own party’s habit of donation laundering – click here.

At least he is not Abbott – or then again?

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Paul Costigan


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