ACT Government and architecture


What is the ACT Government’s attitude to good architecture and good landscape design? That’s easy. It does not consider such things important.

In fact the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, is on record as having said that his government is not about aesthetics.

Of course that explains a lot about him and his government when it comes to how they are trashing this city – Canberra.

This situation in Canberra is nothing compared to the latest Trumism with a paper being released on guidelines for government architecture. This is something all dictators eventually get around to and Trump is no different.

So while here in Canberra we suffer because of the lack of interest in architecture and design – I suppose we should count ourselves lucky when compared to where the US is heading.

This issue is addressed in the New York Times.

Here’s that article – click here.

Of if access is denied – try this linkĀ  – click here.

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