Big Coal and the truth

Big Coal and the truth

Couple of articles about Big Coal and its attitude to the truth:

When Barack Obama first ran for president, being green was so popular that oil companies like Chevron were boasting about their commitment to renewable energy, and his Republican opponent, John McCain, supported action on global warming.

As Mr. Obama seeks re-election, that world is a distant memory. Some of the mightiest players in the oil, gas and coal industries are financing an aggressive effort to defeat him, or at least press him to adopt policies that are friendlier to fossil fuels. And the president’s former allies in promoting wind and solar power and caps on greenhouse gases? They are disenchanted and sitting on their wallets.

more from the original NY Times – hopefully the link is working

AND a Rolling Stone article referring to the above:

The New York Times has a good piece today about the $153 million ad blitz the fossil fuel industry is running to oust President Obama.  The Times points out that this is a big change from the last election when green ads greatly outnumbered those for fossil fuels and global warming was openly discussed.  And it’s certainly true — you can’t turn on the TV right now without seeing ads touting the wonders of coal, gas, and oil.

But Big Oil and Big Coal have always been as skilled at propaganda as they are at mining and drilling.  Like the tobacco industry before them, their success depends on keeping Americans stupid.  Over the years, they have become masters at distorting science, dodging innovation, and predicting economic mayhem if anyone or anything gets in the way of their divine right to mine, burn, and profit off America’s natural resources.

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