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Travel: Flying is no longer a human experience

We have reached the point that flying anywhere is no longer an human experience we should consider unless you are able to book business class seats.

Airlines have squeezed ever last centimetre of comfort out of the economy class cabins. This class of travel is no longer able to be considered fit for human habitation for anything over a few hours.

For any long haul flights in economy , being 4 to 14 hours, you would have to be insane to subject yourself to the torturous experience.

And to make matters worse, you pay the airline loads of cash to have them treat you worse than cattle. Why are we doing this?

and all the recent announcement are along the lines that airlines are working to squeeze the economy spaces up even more. Apparently people keep paying and keep flying this way so the airlines have drawn the natural conclusion that they can get away with providing these horrible experiences even more.

There’s more to come on flying – in future posts.

Meanwhile here’s a recent article on this  – although he does go off on a tangent about Trump and all that stuff. The first part of the article makes the point – click here.


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