Andrew Leigh

Report: Andrew Leigh’s Speech Does Size Matter? An Economic Perspective on the Population Debate The world is not a totally happy place right now. We are facing all sorts unbelievable challenges. One of the basic requirement is to obtain some real facts and evidence upon which to base decisions. This may seem logical. However the … Continue reading Andrew Leigh


Opinion: About some of the not so nice links that come with sponsorship and funding. It was this story on Crikey “Packer’s Sydney arts donation a lay-down misere‘ that took me back to discussions I had been involved with over several decades including when we used to debate such issues openly in the arts. In recent … Continue reading Sponsorship

Cultural Writing

Opinion: Cultural Criticism The current state of Cultural Reviews and Critical Comment Recently the Guardian ran an opinion piece on the Barangaroo development on the eastern edge of Sydney’s CBD. The author pointed out that she had been involved in the project. I suggest that the author failed to declare that they had been more … Continue reading Cultural Writing